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Colorado's Best Dog Aggression Specialists

ZRODFX K9 specializes in dog aggression behavior in Colorado and all surrounding areas.


Call Us Now (314) 226-5989.


Is your dog showing signs of aggressive behavior such as:

  • Growling

  • Snarling

  • Biting

  • Resource Guarding


If so, we can help!

Behavior modification is a personalized and systematic approach. Many pet owners try to train their dogs but have difficulty being consistent or promoting unwanted behaviors without meaning to. A professional behavioral modification program changes your dog’s behavior by making it easier for your dog to connect appropriate actions to good outcomes.

Why Choose ZRODFX K9 for Effective Behavior Modification?

At zrodfx K9, we use time-tested techniques that generate trust and rapport with the animals we train.  Our kind and conscientious team watches your dog’s behavior carefully, looking for triggers in the environment that lead to bad behaviors.

We use our personal understanding of your dog’s needs, habits, and fears to create a supportive training regimen. Since we care about animals and want lasting behavior change, we do not train them by inducing pain or fear.


When you choose zrodfx K9, you get results that stay with your beloved pet. You will be able to enjoy more of life and avoid problems with relatives, neighbors, and members of the community.

If you’ve been dreaming of a calm, happy, and well-behaved dog, make that dream a reality with one phone call. We offer free consultations with a professional animal trainer who will assess your dog’s potential to benefit from training. At zrodfx K9, we provide the dedicated, support, and lasting behavior modification Colorado pet owners count on. 
Call (314) 226-5989 or explore our website to learn more about behavior modification, puppy training, dog aggression training, and board and train programs.

Time: 4 - 6 Weeks

What's Included:

  • Behavior Modification & Management

  • Basic to Advanced Obedience Training

  • All Training Equipment

  • 6 In-Person Classes After Program

  • Lifetime Support

Price: $5,965.00



What Training Goal Brought You Here?

We will be in touch soon!! If you have a quick question or have an emergency case just use the message app on the site!

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