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ZRODFX K9 is based on simple training principles all based on operant conditioning.  If we can learn to communicate with our dogs the way they understand the world, then time, patience, boundaries, and training can help you and your dog live in harmony.  We have rehabilitated the most severe anxiety cases, and fear-reactive cases and taught the pups that the world is scary, but not with a strong leader and not if you face it with calm confidence.  The beautiful thing about dogs is that they live in the present moment.  Their conditioning is what causes issues so we simply meet the dog where they are and counter condition through obedience training, time, distance, and always a positive and exciting outlook.

When you train with us we will be your partner for LIFE!  You can ask us questions, come by the training room for a tune-up session, watch the videos that we make specifically for you, and ask for new videos that we can send once training is done.  It's important that you play a vital role in your dog's training so we focus a lot of our time in giving you the resources to make it easier.

TJ Vytlacil

TJ Vytlacil started out volunteering at rescue organizations, going on rescue missions and helping dogs that nobody thought could be helped.  Once he made the decision to become a professional trainer there was no looking back!  In addition to working with dogs TJ works with horses and still finds the time to build a good classic cocktail.    zrodfx is located on a 15-acre equestrian center where the dogs get individual attention and 5-star accommodations.  TJ and his wife Jaclyn left their previous careers to work with animals everyday and they have one simple philosophy, to understand the animal that's in front of you everyday and that will make you a better trainer and companion.  There isn't a dog that TJ won't accept for training and behavior modification.  Setup a time today to chat with him and find out what your path looks like!

TJ Vytlacil and his personal pack of dogs at zrodfx k9 dog training.


Nate L.

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