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  • What is your training philosophy & approach?
    We are dog behaviorists at heart, recognizing that identifying the root causes of misbehavior is key to finding solutions. Dog behavior stems from various reasons such as genetics, breed type, previous socialization, and past experiences. We don’t believe in using aggression, intimidation, or force. Not only is it wrong, but it doesn’t work to create long-lasting change in dogs. We build confidence in your pup, and use proven training techniques for a well balanced life. We started zrodfx k9 by Agoge to elevate the standard in the Colorado dog training industry. Many trainers lack the education, experience, and scientific knowledge needed to provide effective training. Our dog trainers have the practical experience and background knowledge required to train pets effectively. Our approach involves thorough, devoted attention that identifies and addresses any apparent issues. Through operate conditioning we will teach your dog to think through problems and not force them into behaviors. The more we work with your dog, the more the dog enjoys training, the more you understand how your dog processes information the more effective any training will be with your pup. If you decide to allow us to train your pup we will work hand in hand to build the program and achieve the goals we set together. If competition heeling isn't what you need then we don't need to spend valuable time working on it.
  • Where is zrodfx k9 located?
    zrodfx k9 is located in Black Forest, Colorado on a 15 acre ranch. We service almost all of Colorado including Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Aurora, Parker, Littleton & Englewood just to name a few. If you are located in the state of Colorado I'm sure we can work something out!
  • What type of training do you offer?
    We offer three core types of training: Board and Train, Puppy Power Jump Start, and Behavior Modification as well as in person classes and online classes. Board and Train Our Board and Train program is the best solution for most dogs. Our program begins with basic obedience skills, working up to advanced techniques. Your pet will learn to respond and obey your calls and be ready to learn new tricks. We provide each dog with a custom-made training protocol and will work with you to outline clear, attainable goals for your pet. The length of stay varies depending on the pet and family’s needs. This program only addresses obedience issues and does not cover behavioral issues. This program is goal oriented and not time specific. You should pay for a training goal and not time in training. Puppy Power Jump Start Our puppy training program helps puppies gain confidence and essential skills to live happy, healthy lives. We first work with your dog at sixteen weeks, setting a foundation for further training at eight months. Our pet trainers use a comprehensive approach, slowly building confidence and obedience without using fear or intimidation. Your puppy will learn proper leash manners, crate and house training, and social skills, stopping any problematic behaviors like play biting and chewing while your furry friend is still young. Depending on your long term wants for the dog we can develop a plan that fits your budget and your behavior goals through in person follow ups, online training or even an advanced OB board and train when the dog gets a little older. Behavior Modification The Behavior Modification Program specifically addresses behavior issues in dogs. We work with dogs of any age that struggle with aggression, socialization, fear, anxiety, and anger. No matter your dog’s story and troubles, we’re confident that the behavior modification program will help them thrive. This program includes basic obedience. Once we are able to work with your dog we will use basic obedience to show the dog a new job. Obedience builds confidence, gives the dog a sense of purpose and is a great management tool if you have any type of aggression or anxiety.
  • What is your experience working with different dog types?
    We have over two decades of experience working with dogs. Our pet trainers have successfully helped 3,500 + dogs overcome their problems, learn obedience or even advanced training in odor detection and bit work. Our founder, TJ Vytlacil, began working in the canine behavioral rehabilitation field in 2008. He has many years of experience working with dogs in different settings, including rescue animals from the city, working dog pups, & pet dogs of all sizes and shapes. zrodfx k9 is located on 15 acres with 23 horses. We have vets on site, horse trainers and of course dog trainers. You dog will get critical exposure to all the ranch has to offer as training happens all over the property.
  • What can I expect if you train my dog?
    Your dog will be masted on all aspects of leash training and e-collar work. We move slow with these tools to build drive and excitement using them. Communication with animals happens in milliseconds so we will teach your dog how to learn and teach you how to handle the new language that we have built into your pup. We take pride in our work and offer lifetime support for our training. If you put the work in to learn how to handle your dog, set boundaries and limitations at home and train your dog regularly we are 100% certain you will love the results. You will also get access to our online training videos for 1 years after your board and train as well as lifetime access to stop by the ranch and work on little things that you would like to perfect. You can expect your dog to enjoy a custom-made, state-of-the-art training facility for comfort and safety, and your dog will not spend all day in a crate! Each dog receives their own 5×10 outdoor run that ensures they remain clean and sanitary while spending the night with classical music and soft lighting in their crate. An average day at zrodfx k9 looks like your pet getting a structured exercise session with trainers or kennel staff. That could be in the form of a walk, play or treadmill time depending on the weather and what we are working on. This is followed by three to four individual training sessions, hands-on obedience training occurs throughout the day at periodic intervals. Training may happen around horses, people, alone in the training room or in the woods outside. You will receive individualized, detailed weekly updates to track your pet’s progress. In these updates you will receive detailed videos explaining what we are working on and how we are achieving are desired goals. Depending on your training program you might be invited half way through the training to go over concepts, train other dogs to practice and see your furry friend.
  • Does my dog need professional training?
    Determining if your dog requires professional training can be a tough decision. It becomes crucial if your pet disregards your commands or shows disrespect, as these behaviors can escalate. Professional dog training demands a commitment of both time and money. If you're not prepared for that, it might not be the right fit. Feel free to call us to discuss your concerns; we value honesty and want you to succeed in training your own dog. When you reach out, you'll speak directly to the owners, emphasizing our belief in building relationships. At zrodfx k9, you become part of our family. Puppies, especially, benefit from early training to prevent obedience and behavior issues. The learning curve from 0 to 1 year old is significant, and starting early ensures a confident, obedient, and well-rounded pup in maturity.
  • What is the average cost of dog training?
    There is no average cost for dog training. All we can say is that we re-train dogs that have been through training before and our dogs don't need re-training. With our support for life and continued education programs we are your last stop for lasting change. Our rates vary by program, but are as follows... Our Puppy Power Jump Start program costs $4,450, while our Board N Train program costs $4,950. The Behavior Modification program costs $5,965. All program fees include access to our online training resource library, weekly group coaching classes, and any dog training equipment including biothane leash with traffic lead, prong collar, programmable e-collar with finger remote, raised dog bed, clicker and treat bag. We take pride in offering Colorado dog training services at reasonable rates. When it comes to dog training you get what you pay for. Our trainers spend a lot of time with your dog 7 days a week and spend a lot of time building reference education. We are 100% confident that you will enjoy our programs and be educated for life.
  • What can I expect if I choose zrodfx k9?
    Your dog undergoes comprehensive training in leash techniques and e-collar usage, with a focus on building drive and excitement. We emphasize quick communication in milliseconds, teaching your dog to learn and guiding you in handling this new language. We take pride in our work, offering lifetime support. With your commitment to learning how to handle, set boundaries, and regularly train your dog, we're confident you'll love the results. You gain access to our online training videos for a year after board and train, with lifelong access to visit the ranch for perfecting little things. Your dog experiences a state-of-the-art training facility, enjoying a 5×10 outdoor run for comfort and cleanliness. No all-day crate confinement—classical music and soft lighting create a relaxed nighttime atmosphere. A typical day involves structured exercise, walks, play, or treadmill time, followed by three to four individual training sessions. Obedience training occurs around various environments, from the training room to the woods. Weekly detailed updates, including videos, track your pet's progress. Depending on your program, you might join midway to review concepts, practice with other dogs, and see your furry friend in action.
  • What experience do you have working with different types of dogs?
    With over two decades of experience, our pet trainers have successfully assisted 3,500+ dogs in overcoming challenges, mastering obedience, and excelling in advanced training like odor detection and bit work. Founded by TJ Vytlacil in 2008, our journey in canine behavioral rehabilitation spans various settings, from rescuing city animals to working with working dog pups and pets of all sizes and shapes. Situated on a 15-acre ranch with 23 horses, zrodfx k9 boasts on-site vets, horse trainers, and dedicated dog trainers. Your dog receives invaluable exposure to the ranch environment, where training unfolds across the entire property. We will train any behavioral issue and have been very successful in aggression cases and cases that involve taking your dog off behavior medication!
  • What is different about your behavior modification program?
    The Behavior Modification Program is tailored to tackle various behavioral issues in dogs, addressing concerns such as aggression, socialization difficulties, fear, and anxiety. Regardless of your dog's age or background, we're confident that this program will pave the way for their success. Strict rules and boundaries plus building in a job your dog can be proud of is mandatory to help a dog with these issues. It takes time and there is no magic wand, but TJ has 5 rescue dogs that have all had serious behavior modification training and he understands the effort it takes to do it right. Basic obedience is an integral part of this program. As we engage with your dog, basic obedience serves as a foundation to introduce them to a new role. Obedience not only boosts confidence but also provides a sense of purpose, serving as an effective management tool for issues like aggression or anxiety.
  • What can I expect from your puppy program?
    Our puppy training program is designed to instill confidence and essential life skills in young pups for a happy and healthy future. We initiate training at sixteen weeks, establishing a foundation for more advanced sessions at eight months. TJ adopts a comprehensive approach, gradually fostering confidence and obedience without resorting to fear or intimidation. Puppies undergo learning in proper leash etiquette, crate and house training, and essential social skills, curbing potential issues like play biting and chewing at an early age. Tailoring our approach to your long-term goals and budget, we can create a plan through in-person follow-ups, online training, or even an advanced OB board and train as your dog matures.
  • Why board & train?
    Our Board and Train programs stand as the optimal solution for most dogs, starting from basic obedience and progressing to advanced techniques. Your pet will master responsive and obedient behavior, prepared to tackle new tricks with enthusiasm. Tailoring a custom-made training protocol for each dog, we collaborate with you to establish clear, achievable goals. The duration of their stay varies based on the pet and family's requirements. It's important to note that this program exclusively focuses on obedience and does not address behavioral issues. Emphasizing goal orientation over specific timeframes, you invest in achieving training milestones rather than a set duration of training.
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