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Colorado Dog Training Board and Train zrodfx k9.
The science of dog training applied through zrodfx k9 will transform your dogs behavior and the way you communicate together


Behavior Modification

Many dogs needing board & train have behavior modifications addressed in our basic program. Some with severe issues demand extra patience and care, leading them to our specialized behavior modification board & train.

Price - $7950

Duration - 8 Weeks

Most Common Areas Of Behavior Modification

Areas of problem behaviors in dogs that are addressed by zrodfx k9

Leash Reactivity

Excessive Barking

Fear, Anxiety, Stress

Extreme Aggression

What To Expect With Behavior Modification B&T

A dog with improved confidence after zrodfx k9 behavior modification board and train.
Confidence Building

Your dog remains your beloved companion, but in our personalized board & train program, they experience unique exposure and opportunities. Over two months, your dog will be consistently challenged to achieve goals beyond your imagination.

Advanced leash manners and obedience after zrodfx k9 behavior modification board and train.
Structure & Boundaries

Many dogs lack adequate structure and boundaries. Board & Train establishes a new set of rules for your dog to follow. Once established, maintaining these rules at home becomes easier.

Structured play session with a zrodfx k9 trained dog after behavior modification board and train.
Structured Play

Both you and your dog will learn the importance of structured play. This is crucial because unrestricted play, initiated by your dog, can inadvertently lead to behavior issues that may have gone unnoticed.

A fully trained dog running on a treadmill trained by zrodfx k9.
Treadmill Trainined

Every Board & Train participant masters treadmill walking or running. This enables you to keep your dog active, even in limited time or during inclement weather. Additionally, it fosters confidence as your dog safely experiences treadmill activity alongside other dogs, simulating a pack walk.

Communication and interaction with a dog after behavior modification board and train with zrodfx k9.
Advanced Obedience

Your dog will grasp the fundamental principles of effective obedience training, encompassing leash pressure, voice commands, hand signals, e-collar techniques, free-shaping, and luring. By integrating these methods, your dog can distinctly understand your instructions.

Learning proper socialization with other dogs after behavior modification training with zrodfx k9.
Proper Socialization

In a secure environment with obedience training, your dog will encounter humans, dogs, horses, and cats, fostering proper socialization. While not all dogs may naturally enjoy interactions with people or other dogs, it's essential for them to behave appropriately in such situations. Through non-confrontational behaviors and obedience training, your dog will develop a positive association with these encounters.

A happy dog with zrodfx k9 helping explain our science based training philosophy.

Obedience Goals

Obedience goals vary from person to person. Following a detailed discussion about your pup and your objectives, we'll customize a program to suit your needs. However, there are foundational behaviors we teach every dog in our program. During the Board & Train, your dog will master:

  • Walking calmly on a loose leash with a Heel Command

  • Achieving excellence with the Place Board

  • Consistently maintaining Sit and Down stays

  • Reliable Recall

  • Prompt response to Crate Call

How We Train...

We employ pillars of learning to teach dogs by associating unknown behaviors with familiar ones. Classical and operant conditioning are key methods we use. The quality of obedience depends on how the dog learns the behavior. The more involved the dog is in the learning process, the greater their drive towards obedience. Dogs have a cognitive level akin to a two-year-old and rely on conditioned responses while living in the moment. Our aim is to condition them in obedience to make it second nature and reliable.

A dog boxing with confidence with zrodfx k9.
Counter conditioning a dog with reactivity on leash with zrodfx k9.

Counter Conditioning

Your dog begins learning and self-conditioning from birth. Occasionally, undesired behaviors, anxiety, or fear stem from prolonged exposure or "single event learning." However, we can counter-condition these issues. It begins with solid obedience, patience, and the ability to understand your dog's cues. We'll also teach you how to do just that.

Building A Job

You might recognize this scenario: your dog craves a purpose. Many behavior issues arise when dogs aren't fulfilling their breed's inherent roles. By channeling obedience training effectively within your dog's lifestyle, you provide them with a meaningful "job." Additionally, we'll instruct you on how to reward your dog, foster motivation, and demonstrate essential leadership qualities.

Understanding Pressure

All animals feel pressure to some degree. We don't learn without it. Dogs have two motivations in life. To seek an advantage and avoid discomfort. We are not any different. If you never teach your dog how to handle pressure it can be a great disservice to the animal. We start by teaching pressure as a good thing. Pressure means reward and then we show your dog what we want them to do in order to relieve the pressure.

Building a job with a dog trained by zrodfx k9.
Teaching a dog what leash pressure means with zrodfx k9.


"I could not be happier with the outcome from zrodfx k9.  TJ took excellent care of our Bernadoodle.  From the detailed explanations via video updates to the amazing property, I couldn't imagine having my dog trained anywhere else."

Rob Fieldhouse

Our dog was on 20mg of prozac per day with brutal anxiety.  TJ and zrodfx k9 not only got her off the medication, but built up our Australian cattle dog's confidence and taught us how to give her a job, build leadership and enjoy our dog!  Do yourself a favor and hire TJ.  It's worth every penny!

Katie Henderson

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